Manchester Urban Institute coming in early 2017!


I am very pleased to announce the formation of the Manchester Urban Institute in early 2017. MUI will extend the agenda of cities@manchester over the last six years and provide a platform of collaboration among the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy, the Centre for Urban Policy Studies, the Cities, Politics and Economies Group, the Global Urban Research Centre, and the Manchester Architecture Research CentreProf Kevin Ward will serve as the inaugural director of MUI.

Summer Institute in Urban Studies 2016

IMG_9868Kevin Ward, Cecilia Wong, and I co-hosted the third Summer Institute in Urban Studies from 27 to 30 June on behalf of cities@manchester. We were very fortunate to have 23 incredibly dynamic and talented early career academics from around the world for an engaging four days of presentations, discussion, workshops and conversation. A big thank you to our guest academics, Tim Bunnell (National University of Singapore), Stephanie Pincetl (UCLA), Andy Jonas (University of Hull) and Fran Tonkiss (LSE), as well as our University of Manchester colleagues who participated in the activities.

New Book – The Experimental City

The Experimental City

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new compendium, The Experimental City (Routledge 2016) that I co-edited with James Evans (University of Manchester) and Rob Raven (Utrecht University). The book provides new insights on what it means to experiment in and on cities with contributions from colleagues in the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, India, and the US. The book is available from the Routledge website here.

Real-World Labs Event in Stuttgart

1. Interkolloquium, Real Labor

On 29 May, I participated in a workshop on Real-World Laboratories (Reallabor) at the Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Technik) where I delivered a presentation on ‘Five Challenges of Real World Labs’. The event provided an opportunity for seven real-world labs in Baden-Württemberg to share their experiences and insights on designing, developing, and operating their innovative projects. I also co-hosted a workshop with Michael Stauffacher from ETH Zurich on scientific evidence and knowledge dissemination on real-world labs. Thanks to Niko Schaepke for organising!

Ahlam Sharif earns PhD in Architecture

Masdar CityI am pleased to report that my PhD student, Ahlam Sharif, successfully passed her PhD viva on ‘Sustainable Architectural Design between Inscription and De-scription: The Case of Masdar City’. Her work on the development and inhabitation of Masdar City’s student housing provides novel insights on how architects, developers, and building users interact in the production of sustainable cities. Congratulations to Ahlam!