Master’s and Undergraduate Supervision

Master’s Theses, University of Manchester

  1. Umayr Azam, 2010, In the City, Time Becomes Visible – A Study of Bradford’s ‘Generations of Regeneration’
  2. Adam Booth, 2010, Representing Space: Designing in Three Dimensions
  3. Thomas Cookson, 2010, Distilling Manchester’s Kaleidoscopic Urban Narrative: Weaving Heritage and Modernity in the Regeneration of Castlefield
  4. William Saville, 2010, A Life Aquatic: Learning from the Lagoon
  5. Rachael Smith, 2010, Greening the Fourth Façade: Barriers and Opportunities to Adopting Green Roofs in the UK
  6. Matthew Taylor, 2010, Liverpool One Twinned with the World
  7. Robert Barker, 2011, Food Supply: Problems of Food Production and Feeding a Modern City
  8. Chris Bayly, 2011, Farmers’ Markets and Urban Experience: A Case Study of Stroud
  9. Hayley Belcher, 2011, Importance of Emptiness: Pomona Island
  10. Lian Harter, 2011, Urban Nature: Contemporary Practices in Liverpool
  11. Patrick Maguire, 2011, Brunswick on the Edge
  12. Jamie Richardson, 2011, Getting to Six: The Challenges of Achieving a Zero Carbon Home
  13. Andrew Wakefield, 2011, At Your Service
  14. Jessica Wilkinson, 2011, The English Terrace House as a Sustainable Urban Form
  15. Wan Afnan Bin Wan A Amir, 2013, From Decline to Renaissance: The Urban Change of Ancoats
  16. Albena Atanassova, 2013, Greenwich Millennium Village: A Case Study of the Contribution of Lifetime Home and Community Design Strategies to Social Sustainability
  17. Konstantinos Tsimikos, 2013, Regenerating the Public Realm in Athens: Economics, Politics, and Design
  18. Mohamed Haisham, 2013, Contemporary Debate Around Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in the Maldives
  19. George Yallop, 2013, Design through Urban Regeneration: Shaping Social Cohesion in Elephant and Castle
  20. Melissa Haniff, 2014, Integrating British Mosques
  21. Maria Rafaella Mavronikola, 2014, Stalled Sites: Economic Crisis, Stagnation and the Image of the City
  22. Nawal Nabila, 2014, Rainwater Harvesting: Barriers between Regulations and Reality in Malaysia
  23. Alia Paschali, 2014, The University and the City: Designing Integrated Campuses
  24. Maliha Ramiza Ramlan, 2014, Shaping Playful Spaces for Children: Structured vs. Unstructured Play
  25. Zlatina Spasova, 2014, Flood Resilience in Architecture Practice
  26. Tim Spiller, 2014, Alternatives to the Megacity: In Pursuit of Liveable Human Settlements
  27. Mohd Fakhruradzi Tajuddin, 2014, Designing Resort For Ecotourism in Malaysia’s National Park
  28. Inda Tengku, 2014, Design for Disassembly in Practice
  29. Aglika Petrova, 2015, How are Sustainable Design Strategies Embodied in the Existing Bulgarian Housing Stock?
  30. Irina Nikova, 2015, Designing Spaces, Fostering Communities: Opportunities and Challenges in Urban Growing
  31. Jana Kefurtova, 2015, Uncertainty in Domestic Retrofit Projects
  32. Jenny Sewart, 2015, Fuel Poverty: Agency in Sustainable Architecture
  33. Mat Walker, 2015, The Southbank Centre Undercroft: Culture and the Appropriation of SpacePin Khiam Wong, 2015, A Design Guide for Contemporary Urban Farming

Master’s Theses, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  1. Mårten Johannson, 2017, Mobility as a Service: Exploring Young People’s Mobility Demands and Travel Behavior 
  2. Nawarat Yangsomran, 2017, ONLINE URBAN PARK: An Interpretation of Visual Landscape Perception Through the Lens of Instagram with #Vasaparken 
  3. Ana Alanis, 2018, Influencing Factors on Cycling to School Among Young Adults: Case Study-The Netherlands
  4. David de Boer, 2018, Stockholm on the Edge: Defining Quality in the Red-Green Interface of Årsta
  5. Mackenzie Childs, 2018, Urban Flooding in Halifax, Nova Scotia: The Extent of the Issue and the Approach through Policy
  6. Hadis Pepic, 2018, A Study of Effects of a Car Free Week for School Children in Nacka Municipality 
  7. Benjamin Schäfer, 2019, Achieving Sustainable Urban Drainage through Multifunctionality 
  8. Liubov Shkurenko, 2019, Community Water Management and Local Governance: The Case of Oaxen Island
  9. Christelle Fermanian, 2020, Governance, Mobility and Citizen Engagement: Governance Processes in the Transport Sector in the Republic of Guinea
  10. Nicholas Smart, 2020, Street Trees Across Culture and Climate: A Comparative Analysis of Density and Distribution
  11. Jamie Zouras, 2020, Collaborative Decision-Making in Green and Blue Infrastructure Projects: The Case of Copenhagen’s Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade
  12. Juan Rojo Hernandez, 2020, Urban Climate Resilience and the Promise of Big Data Solutions
  13. Friedrich Hampel, 2020, A Framework for Sustainable Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Buildings
  14. Alfred Lindberg, 2020, Contextualizing Smart Cities in Australia: The Role of Data in Advancing Sustainable Development
  15. Sutthi Suteerasan, 2020, Blue-Green infrastructure on the Move: How Resilience Concepts Travel Between Cities
  16. Ahmed Saleh, 2021, Prepaid Digital Water Meters and the Challenges of Sustainable Innovation
  17. Katharina Knatz, 2021, Co-Creating Sustainable Futures: Participatory Action Research as a Catalyst for Political Engagement

Undergraduate Theses, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  1. Martin Gutsch, 2018, Estimating the Potential Spatial Implications of Shared Autonomous Vehicles: A Case Study of Stockholm
  2. Sindri Norrby, 2020, Digitalisering för smart avfallshantering i städer: Effektivare avfallshantering genom generering, delning, och analys av data