Doctoral Supervision


Ahlam Sharif, Architecture, University of Manchester, 2016, ‘Sustainable Architectural Design between Inscription and De-scription: The Case of Masdar City’ (second supervisor)

Kelly Watson, Geography, University of Manchester, 2016, ‘Learning Loops in Sustainable Design: Applying Social Return On Investment (SROI) to Buildings’ (second supervisor)

Mahmoud Elwerfalli, Architecture, University of Manchester, 2017, ‘Contemporary Courtyard Housing in Libya: New Directions in Sustainable Housing Development’ (first supervisor)

Serdjan Yalchiner, Architecture, University of Manchester, 2018, ‘Sustainable Architecture and the Influence of Global Assessment Tools’ (first supervisor)


Erica Eneqvist, Urban Planning and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, ‘Innovation in Local Authorities: New Modes of Governing the City’ (second supervisor)

Naomi Lipke, Urban Planning and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, ‘Situating Smart: The Role of Space and Place in Urban Innovation’ (first supervisor)

Todor Stojanovski, Urban Planning and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, ‘Urban Form and Mobility: Analysing and Certifying Multimodal Travel’ (first supervisor)


At the University of Manchester, I supervised the following PhD students before moving to KTH:

Gabriele Schliwa, Geography, ‘Harnessing the Digital Economy to Deliver Sustainable Transport Transitions’ (second supervisor)

Angela Neilson, Planning and Environmental Management, ‘Culture and the Global City: Exploring the Influence of Cultural Projects on Non-Elite Actors within Member States of the European Union’ (second supervisor)

Bing Sun, Planning and Environmental Management, ‘Transferability of European Eco-City Concepts to Chinese Sino-Foreign Eco-Cities’ (second supervisor)

Barry Johnston, Power Networks, ‘The Dynamics and Future-Proofing of Heat Network Governance in the Context of Decarbonisation and Infrastructure Innovation’ (first supervisor)

Joseph Chambers, Power Networks, ‘Urban Design and Energy Innovation: Exploring the Role of Smart Districts as Areas of Niche Protection for Energy Focussed Urban Design’ (second supervisor)

Cara Mulholland, Management of Projects, ‘Societal Value of Nuclear Decommissioning and Remediation’ (third supervisor)