Special Issues

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Volume 38, Issue 2
Urban Laboratories: Experiments in Reworking Cities
Edited by Andrew Karvonen and Bas van Heur

  • Urban Laboratories: Experiments in Reworking Cities, Andrew Karvonen and Bas van Heur
  • Experiments and Counter-Experiments in the Urban Laboratory of Water- Supply Partnerships in India, Govind Gopakumar
  • ‘Give Me a Laboratory and I Will Lower Your Carbon Footprint!’ — Urban Laboratories and the Governance of Low-Carbon Futures, James Evans and Andrew Karvonen
  • Planning and Experimental Knowledge Production: Zeche Zollverein as an Urban Laboratory, Philipp Dorstewitz
  • Houses of Experiment: Modern Housing and the Will to Laboratorization, Ignaz Strebel and Jane M. Jacobs

Energy Policy
Volume 84, pages 191-256
Conditioning Demand: Older People, Thermal Comfort and Low-Carbon Housing
Edited by Simon Guy, Alan Lewis and Andrew Karvonen

  • Conditioning demand: older people, thermal comfort and low-carbon housing,  Simon Guy, Alan Lewis and Andrew Karvonen
  • Sustainable thermal technologies and care homes: Productive alignment or risky investment?, Louis Neven, Gordon Walker and Sam Brown
  • Designing for an imagined user: Provision for thermal comfort in energy-efficient extra-care housing, Alan Lewis
  • Negotiating comfort in low energy housing: The politics of intermediation, Catherine Grandclément, Andrew Karvonen and Simon Guy
  • The changing landscape of thermal experience and warmth in older people’s dwellings, Christopher Tweed, Nicholas Humes and Gabriela Zapata-Lancaster
  • Embodied thermal environments: an examination of older-people’s sensory experiences in a variety of residential types, Victoria Henshaw and Simon Guy
  • Living with low carbon technologies: An agenda for sharing and comparing qualitative energy research, Karen Bickerstaff, Patrick Devine-Wright and Catherine Butler
  • Low carbon thermal technologies in an ageing society – What are the issues?, Rosie Day