Materializing Urban Infrastructures

Alan Wiig and I hosted two paper sessions today at the AAG Annual Meeting on ‘Materialising Urban Infrastructures.’ Many thanks to the contributions from the following speakers:

  1. Si Jie Ivin Yeo, National University Of Singapore, ‘Engaging with infrastructures of the future: convenience, cashlessness and connection’
  2. Ignacio Perez, University of Oxford, ‘Assembling oligoptic visions of the Smart City: following the transport data dispositif in Santiago de Chile’
  3. Paolo Cardullo and Ramon Ribera Fumaz, UOC, ‘Digital democracy in the making: the Decidim platform ecosystem
  4. Mohammed Rafi Arefin, University of British Columbia, ‘Political ecologies of surveillance: the history and contemporary politics of wastewater epidemiology’
  5. Discussant: Alan Wiig, University of Massachussets – Boston
  6. Pauline McGuirk and Chantel Carr, University of Wollongong, ‘Orchestrating energy transitions: from ‘eco-bling’ to tuning the building’ 
  7. Philip Ashton, University of Illinois-Chicago, ‘How many bankers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Chicago’s public building retrofits and the political geographies of assetization’
  8. Charlotte Johnson, UCL, ‘Rainwater tanks & the material politics of community-led greening’
  9. Demetra Kourri, University of Manchester, ‘A city of many worlds: tunneling between nature and technology’
  10. Discussant: Dillon Mahmoudi, University of Maryland – Baltimore County