New article – Experimental Governance and Urban Planning Futures

My colleague, Erica Eneqvist, and I published an article in a special issue of Urban Planning on the theme of Urban Planning by Experiment. Thanks to the editors, Christian Scholl and Joop de Kraker, for curating a compelling group of papers. The table of contents is as follows:

Urban Planning by Experiment: Practices, Outcomes, and Impacts
By Christian Scholl and Joop de Kraker

The Practice of Urban Experimentation in Dutch City Labs
By Christian Scholl and Joop de Kraker

How Cities Learn: From Experimentation to Transformation
By James Evans, Tomáš Vácha, Henk Kok and Kelly Watson

Experimental Governance and Urban Planning Futures: Five Strategic Functions for Municipalities in Local Innovation
By Erica Eneqvist and Andrew Karvonen

Urban Planning by Experiment at Precinct Scale: Embracing Complexity, Ambiguity, and Multiplicity
By Darren Sharp and Rob Raven

Social Encounter by Experiment? Potentials and Pitfalls of Real-World Labs for Urban Planning
By Charlotte Räuchle

Planning from Failure: Transforming a Waterfront through Experimentation in a Placemaking Living Lab
By Ramon Marrades, Philippa Collin, Michelle Catanzaro and Eveline Mussi

Contextualising Urban Experimentation: Analysing the Utopiastadt Campus Case with the Theory of Strategic Action Fields
By Matthias Wanner, Boris Bachmann and Timo von Wirth

Planning for 1000 Years: The Råängen Experiment
By Peter Pelzer, Roger Hildingsson, Alice Herrström and Johannes Stripple