New Project – PERICENE: Peri-Urbanization and Climate-Environment Change

I am very pleased to announce a new research project, ‘PERICENE: Peri-Urbanization & Climate-Environment Change’, with colleagues from India and the UK. We will develop the first ever comprehensive assessment of global peri-urbanisation, with its climate impacts, risks and vulnerabilities and also create an interactive Peri-urban Analysis Tool. At the heart of the project is two detailed case studies of Chennai and Greater Manchester.

The project is funded through the ‘Towards a Sustainable Earth’ program, from NERC (UK), DBT (India) and Formas (Sweden). Research organizations include: University of Manchester (Centre for Urban Resilience & Energy): Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Indo-German Centre for Sustainability): KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

More details on the project are here: