Symposium on ‘Urban Laboratories’ Published


I am pleased to announce the publishing of a symposium in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research on ‘Urban Laboratories’. My colleague Bas van Heur and I edited the following collection of papers:

Urban Laboratories: Experiments in Reworking Cities
Andrew Karvonen and Bas van Heur

Experiments and Counter-Experiments in the Urban Laboratory of Water- Supply Partnerships in India
Govind Gopakumar

‘Give Me a Laboratory and I Will Lower Your Carbon Footprint!’ — Urban Laboratories and the Governance of Low-Carbon Futures
James Evans and Andrew Karvonen

Planning and Experimental Knowledge Production: Zeche Zollverein as an Urban Laboratory
Philipp Dorstewitz

Houses of Experiment: Modern Housing and the Will to Laboratorization
Ignaz Strebel and Jane M. Jacobs

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