Urban retrofitting for the transition to sustainability

New Initiative2I recently contributed to a special issue of Building Research & Information edited by Tim Dixon and Malcolm Eames on ‘Urban retrofitting for the transition to sustainability’. The special issue includes the following articles:

Scaling up: the challenges of urban retrofit
Tim Dixon & Malcolm Eames

City futures: exploring urban retrofit and sustainable transitions
Malcolm Eames, Tim Dixon, Tim May & Miriam Hunt

Retrofitting England’s suburbs to adapt to climate change
Katie Williams, Rajat Gupta, Diane Hopkins, Matthew Gregg, Catherine Payne, Jennifer L. R. Joynt, Ian Smith & Nada Bates-Brkljac

Retrofitting existing housing: how far, how much?
Phil Jones, Simon Lannon & Jo Patterson

Socio-technical issues in dwelling retrofit
Chris Tweed

Towards systemic domestic retrofit: a social practices approach
Andrew Karvonen

Regenerating cities: technological and design innovation for Australian suburbs
Peter W. Newton

Water–energy nexus: retrofitting urban areas to achieve zero pollution
Vladimir Novotny

Reducing energy demand through retrofitting buildings
Fionn Stevenson

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