Inside Smart Cities web

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Reviewed by Matthew Cook in Local Environment and Constance Carr in DisP-The Planning Review.

Experimental City Paperback web

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Reviewed by Matthias Gross and Nona Schulte-Römer in Science, Technology & Human Values; Robert Shaw in Local Environment; and Claudia Mendez and Pim Peters in Technoscienzia: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies.

Politics of Urban Runoff

Andrew Karvonen. 2011. Politics of Urban Runoff: Nature, Technology, and the Sustainable City. London: The MIT Press.

**Winner of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning’s 2014 John Friedmann Book Award.**

Reviewed by Michael Finewood in The Professional Geographer; Gale Fulton in Journal of Planning Literature; Dawn Biehler in Journal of Historical Geography; Geoffrey L. Buckley in Environmental History; Christopher Wells in Journal of Urban History; Kristoffer Whitney in Technology & Culture; and Caitlin Dyckman in Journal of Planning Education and Research.